Stay in your Lane: 3 Reasons Why Content is Still Queen

In an ever-changing industry of algorithms, privacy, and new platforms, the world of social media is in a constant state of evolution. From a business perspective, constant change is both challenging and exciting. On one hand, the changes are challenging because they push businesses to keep-up or risk relevancy. And on the other hand, change is exciting because good content is easy to adapt to new mediums and creates potential opportunities to serve new clients or existing clients in new ways.

Be warned, however, that your reliance on the services and functions of social media invite vulnerability. For example, with the recent Facebook privacy changes some influencers have had to revise their Instagram business model overnight.

So how can you insulate your business from the ongoing changes in the media industry? I suggest that it's best to channel your inner racehorse: keep your blinders on and stay in your lane by creating quality content that is relevant to your client. Here's why:

  1. The medium may change, but the message won't.

    Regardless of how your content is formatted or adjusted to suit a platform, the value you offer your client through your content—whether it's information, education or inspiration—should remain consistent. Messages should not be built for the medium so much as messages should be created for your client and shared through the (relevant) medium.

  2. Own it to earn it.

    Without creating your own content based on your own data, relationships and unique business functions, you can lose out on the opportunity to leverage and amplify the content. For example, creating a blog on your website creates an archive of information that you control. With that archive in place, you can use the links to reach out to new customers, post on related pages, and ultimately provide value for people while also redirecting traffic back to your site.

  3.  Active engagement and passive consumption are not the same.

    As platforms become more and more saturated, passive consumption increases. Passive consumption can work in your favour if brand awareness is your objective, but active engagement trumps every time. To engage your community, you must engage with your community. As such, you need something to say. Content can invite conversation and interaction that humanizes your business in a meaningful way.

Stay in your lane. Despite the powerful (and ever-changing) media tools like Facebook, you know who your ideal client is and why your business exists. Stay true to that.