Great brands give people permission to be themselves.



Find your voice

Articulate who you are, what you do and why without losing the secret sauce that lets you be you. 


speak your truth

Cut through the noise with honest content that reflects your unique flare. 


build your brand

Know who you are. Find your focus. Resonate with your clients. . 

Navigating the social world of marketing and publishing can feel like trying to hit a moving target. How we communicate with each other, and how brands communicate with clients, is in a rapid state of evolution. But, you know that.


My background straddles two worlds: humanities and commerce. My strength lies in my ability to understand your brand, client and business needs and filter them through the lens of relevant storytelling, people and human behaviour.

I can work with you to formulate sustainable and actionable strategies that help you discover and standardize your brand voice, bring your brand to life through storytelling and guide you through the changing world of publishing and content creation.


Questions? Ask away. 

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A few of my favourite projects.

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Women Who Sparkle

I am a Content Strategist for Canadian jewellery company, Hillberg & Berk. I find inspiring women, interview them and create stories for the digital publishing platform, called SPARKLE. 

Hollie Woodhouse

Kendra Kincade

Ashley Callingbull

Eman Idil Bare

Sheri Meyerhoffer

Michelle Salt

Brand voice toolkits

I created the first Brand Voice Toolkit for Hillberg & Berk and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK). Both documents are confidential, but included information such as ideal customer personas, brand archetype analysis, brand trait identification, and standardized grammar and punctuation guidelines. 




Facebook build your business & Success story

I was invited to speak on behalf of Hillberg & Berk at the Facebook event, Build Your Business. In addition, I was interviewed and featured as Facebook Success Story

I have also spoken as a panelist at The Social School